The ‘World Guitars’ Way

This is the most important part for us.

Every single guitar that leaves WG is setup to perfection. We have been doing this for over 30 years and pride ourselves in our ability to make sure your dream guitar arrives with you perfectly setup up and 100% checked over.

This was how WG was designed to be. We offer the best products, service and a shopping experience to remember. High end guitars and amps are our passion and we have hundreds of delighted customers the World over.

We are not 'box shifters' and we are not a 'Dixons' type guitar store. Yes we need to make sales, this is after all a business, we all have overheads and bills to pay but... this is also what we love doing as our day job!

We also know what  what you guys expect, the very best and that is what you get at WG!!!



“Marvellous instrument, perfect condition, perfect setup und already in tune. And it sounds great! So I would like to send you and your team a huge THANK YOU from Hamburg!”

Lambert, Germany