Nik Huber Krautster II Sold! Worn White with Bigsby #31498
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Nik Huber Krautster II

Sold! Worn White with Bigsby #31498

Incredible guitar and very rare!

So they put a Bigsby on it, and oh yes they made sure that the tuning stability was perfect and it is.

I thought these trems were very average until now as unlike other guitar companies who fit them for 'show' Huber fit them to be used, its fantastic.

Are you cool enough for this guitar?????  ;)

World Guitars is not your average guitar store.
We would 100% not offer this guitar for sale at WG if it was not up to our standard in terms of quality, tone and playability. All guitars are set up by Jeff the boss to perfection and to your specification!! We are not 'box shifters' and we are NOT like a 'supermarket' type guitar store. World Guitars is set in a converted Victorian Magistrates Courthouse - it’s a showroom stocking the best of the best!!

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Sold! Worn White with Bigsby #31498

Model - Krautster II
Body - Mahogany
Neck - Curly Maple Big 59 profile
Fingerboard - Rosewood
Inlays - Dot
Bridge Humbucker
P90 Neck
Bridge - Bigsby
Quality Hard case