Hardback Photobooks now available to order even if your guitar wasn’t bought from us!

We can create one of these beautiful 20 page hardback Photobooks and add it to your guitar order or we can now also offer Photobooks of any guitar that wasn't bought from World Guitars! If it's not a WG guitar you will need to drop it off at World Guitars and leave it for at least 48 hours and we will clean, take professional quality photo's in our high end studio, create the photobook and also give you a USB key with the full size pics on! Take your guitar to a pro studio and see how much they quote you!!

Guitars bought from World Guitars £69 plus £5 delivery

Guitars not bought from World Guitars that's already clean with new strings £129 plus £5 delivery

Guitars not bought from World Guitars that needs cleaning and new strings £149 plus £5 delivery 

All the original Hi Res pictures of your dream guitar superbly printed on very high quality paper, bound and unique to you!

Top-notch binding, gorgeous paper and professional printing. These are bookshop quality!

Size is 10x8 inches (25x20 cm)

*From date of guitar purchase please allow 21 days for delivery