The Tobacco Barn Tone Monster


This incredible amp is now sold.

Only five units were built for the world – one each for North America, Europe, Great Britain, Japan, and Australia. This was the only UK Voltage Version so is an incredible collectors piece!


Fender 1950s circuitry, century-old barn wood, and a new 15” speaker? Pure magic.

Somewhere along the Maryland-Pennsylvania border (A.K.A. “The Mason Dixon Line”) an old 1890s-era tobacco drying barn was carefully disassembled. Pieces were hand selected to build five unique Custom Shop Masterbuilt amplifiers with exceptional tone.

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• Hand-wired 5E3 Tweed Deluxe circuit with subtle tweaks for extra sparkle
• Fender Vintage “blue” capacitors and Allen-Bradley resistors
• Light, ultra-resonant solid pine cabinet made from old tobacco drying barn wood!
• Imperfections (roof joist cuts, nail holes, insect bites) preserved so each amp is unique
• Hand-applied lacquer sealer coat
• Antique iron barn door handle
• Hand-aged chassis and hardware
• 15” Celestion Fullback Speaker
• Includes leather-bound Masterbuilt photo album and certificate of authenticity