Featured Guitar – Vigier Excalibur DoubleBfoot Signature Matte Black #39 £3995

Now in stock, after a years wait, this super rare Signature Guitar from Vigier Guitars is stunning! Build quality = the best!!

Retail price is £4939

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Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal is THE guitarist of this generation. He has inspired musicians worldwide with his extraordinary technical skills and, simply stated, he has conquered the guitar. In addition to being an amazing player, Ron has proven himself as a prolific composer and arranger. The Bfoot features a 5-way custom selector switch, a killswitch to create special effects and a tremolo that rests on the body. Bumblefoot’s inventiveness made use of a sewing thimble for playing slide guitar. The removable thimble has been conveniently placed on the front of the guitar body for quick access. 

For over 30 years, Patrice at Vigier has strived to make the best guitars possible. Through the past three decades, he has explored many avenues, and his thirst for innovation has often struck (sometimes rightly, but not always) the skepticism of the market.

The instruments we offer today are the synthesis of this experience and we believe that over time, we have struck the right balance between respect for tradition and embrace of modernity.